Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Wolves

This is a short story, and i think it has a good moral.
(Rewritten in words that i can remember)

There was once a very wise and very old Indian chief. He had many grandchildren and wanted to teach them all a lesson. Under a starry heaven, in a clear brisk sky, he gathered all of his many grandchildren around an excited Fire. Clearing his throat and silencing the lively children he began.
"So my grandchildren i have a lesson for you." He said, "Inside of me i have two wolves fighting."
At this the young children paused, but the silence was broken by the eldest grandson.
"What do you mean grandfather?" He exclaimed. "Good, know let me finish my story." The Chief replied, " There is the bad wolf who is everything bad, violence, hatred, and war. And there is the good wolf that is everything good, love, peace, joy, and long suffering. The two wolfs keep fighting a war."
Everyone kept silent, nothing was heard for a minute, except for the flames that where devouring the logs, and the rustling of the wind that keeps chasing the grass. Then the youngest and smallest grandson spoke up; "Grandfather who will win?"
"Well that is a good question." The Chief replied and answered, " The wolf that you feed, that is the one that will win."

(This story has a good moral, saying that if you feed the bad wolf per say, it will win, meaning your anger and hatred will be unmistakeably uncontrollable. But if you persist in feeding the good wolf with love and peace, your love and peace will win.)



  1. I like it! Short but sweet and it does have a good moral.