Sunday, January 25, 2009

TO Live Forever?

Here is a short story, It was used as an illustration and i think it is interesting.

Mr. Erin Lock was a very rich man, he had houses all over the world and boats to match. He practically could get away with everything and get everything that he wanted, or if not he could always make returns. His wife didn't even have to ask to get the present she wanted for her anniversary, because she could buy it herself. But the one thing Erin Lock couldn't get and this was a real strain, he wanted to live forever. The years were not kind to him and the doctors bills kept mounting up. Even though he wasn't as ancient as a dinosaur, he knew he wasn't getting any younger. Erin traveled the world in search for the solution, but each specialist, doctor, and etc. could not give him a lasting cure. And this was his last stop, last chance.

He goes to a special Doctor (scientist), who was known world wide for his fascinating discovery's. While in his office, Erin begins telling the doctor why he is here, "Doctor Banks you are my last hope, can you help me to live forever?"

The doctor paused to think.
"I can pay for your inconvenience." Erin Lock exclaimed.
"Yes, I can help you in your dilemma." The doctor then says.
"Really!" Erin Lock shouts. Finally happy to hear some good news.
"Now Mr. Lock follow me." Doctor Banks said leading him into his lavatory.

Doctor Banks Lavatory was the finest in the country, it had the latest data and research on various subjects of science. On the far end of the room there was a long counter with thousands of vases, glasses filled with strange juices, salts, herbs, weird bug looking things, and gasses. The room in fact had a smell of strange spices and herbs, and together mixed with a smell of a special clean sanitary hospital. The Doctor ran excitedly over to the counter and started mixing a strange concoction. In one glass tube he poured a few green leaves and a dark grey smoke lifted up into the air as the leaves colour faded into a moldy white. Then after a few things being mixed separately, Doctor Banks dumped all the separate liquids and powders into a single glass. Measuring it the doctor brought half of the douse in a triangle bottle to Mr. Lock.

The Gross liquid had turned a dark green and brown colour, but of course it wasn't hard to do that in the first place. "Here, drink this." The Doctor offering his concoction to his patient. The man notices that the smell is awful, looking at it with a high spirit of hopefulness, he holds his nose with one hand and with the other tips the glass, pouring the liquid into his mouth. Much to his surprise it tastes worse than it smells or looks. For a second he feels dizzy, for a second his tongue goes numb, and then....he faints...and topples over unconscious.

The Doctor is standing over him shaking his arms for him to awake when he comes to. Slowly Erin sits up, holding his head, cradling it like a little baby.
"What was thatt! Doctor it tasted horrible." Erin Lock complained. "Yes.. Yes i know." Doctor Banks answers. And that was beyond what they make you eat on fear factor.
"Now i want you to take it once a day." Doctor Banks subscribed. "What!" Erin Exclaimed, "You mean that is gonna give me everlasting life?"
"No.. That will just take the desire away." The Doctor laughs.

(This story is just a illustration, And like Erin Lock many are taking that Concoction, but it comes in different ways.)


*Names are changed and it is not
word for word.

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