Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sea At Last!

The party gathered, and once together they made it down to the shore a few minuets later. From the cottage it was measured a short walk. Lizzy looked in amazement, the fresh ocean air was cleansing, the sky shinned much brighter than the day before, and the water glistened much cleaner. She continued down the sandy floor and transferred to the pebble remains. Looking again up, the dark clouds of yesterday seemed far off and so were her worries. Cathy ran ahead, tracking a cloud of sand that left behind largely exaggerated foot prints in the sand that now sat undisturbed for the moment. The salt air was absolutely fantastic, and the cool wind picked up, which was her favorite part of the outing, when the cool breeze met up with the warm razes of the sun. Clear above in the blue sky, the breeze blew around the white blinding blotches as they knew not where to stay. Lizzy smiled, slipping off her shoes and running to catch the white water in the shallows. Watching down along the shore line, her young sisters played with the thought of being untouchable. Her time in Devonshire was a time she would remember forever. Walking back to the shoes that she left on a patch of grass, Lizzy slipped them back on and walked toward her sisters.

After the hour of playing on the beach, Lizzy's elder sister brought them together to enjoy the picnic lunch that Jenny had prepared early for the girls. Lizzy helped in setting up, she laid the old blanket on the grass and smoothed it down and unwrinkled the large fold in it.
"Everything looks perfect, well as perfect as it will get." Lizzy exclaimed. "I think it looks rather nice." Cathy added. The five girls were on a patch of grass near the edge of a stretch of knolls . Cathy took her seat quickly and rather clumsily, but Rose sat down, gathering her long hem gracefully and did it like she where sitting on a bubble, carefully and slowly done. The wind blew a bit stronger now and the girls had to tie there bonnets before they blew away. But then as it came unexpectantly for Lizzy, her bonnet flew from her side and rolled off into the hilly grass. Not very lady like she jumped up and ran after it. Rose got up to help, But Lizzy shouted for them not to wait up and she carried on through the field and from their views. Her dark brown hair also flew crazily every which way, but she did not care. Running now upon dusty path, she climbed a half steep dust road, but not fast enough to catch it before it disappeared beyond the curve in the path.

BOstan~ (TO Be Continued)

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  1. ohhh! I like it! I can't wait to hear the rest!