Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parents and all the other Role Models out their

-Parents; there not all bad, believe me. It is just that they all have the same motive, and one way or another they all have used the guilt trick or dare i say trap- which sounds better?

It is either, they do something wrong and turn it around on us or we do the wrong and they make us feel the guilt. It is brilliant! And it Works! Well for the most of us anyways. I am not saying it always works for me, but it is a good scheme. We should use it more often in fact.

But wait! It never works for us. If you remember the steps; One, something happens, (most likely bad.) Two, The talk. Three, We try to use there "Thing" or in other words The Guilt.
Four, They turn it back around, stopping us before it works. And Five, The discipline, or so they call grounding in less horrifying ways.
So what now? Do we have a special way also? Let alone, are we capable, as they refer to using it? I guess we will have to wait. For the time being we have our options, Don't do anything wrong, or, Don't get caught. The second is less probable, but Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do. Right? Maybe-

I am just going through things i know, but teachers are they not like the day time parents? So do they get at least a bit of credit for our wonderful abilities? (If we have any at least)
NO- It is more likely that they get in trouble, and pass over the blame to the Real parents.

But teachers are like parents too... Parents? Really?
Now that makes less sense than when we started.

OK, There are the types of teachers. (sometimes this can relate to parents.) There are teachers who hate, love or the other, A, B,and C.

-Teacher A, are ones who love, and i mean ardor you. They are loving , and are the kind where
they are always trying to help. They encourage you to go out there and be the best, the best that you can be. (Even though not always to the right person) But in rare cases the Meanie turns out to be the most caring.

-Teacher B, Is the tolerant. They either need the job or are so caught up in the job that they
just blankly tolerate you, everything you may do, and the best that they can, with the slight chance of forgetting your name.

-Teacher C. How can i say this? They are most simply out to get you. Forget the reasonable explanations, they just hate your guts, and every other part of your body. Parents and principles and who ever else might think differently by saying, "There must be a reason, you must be a bad student." (Back on us again) or "Your just over exaggerating, let it go. Your teacher is fine, you must be the problem." Harsh, but the teacher loves it.

You see the problem is this: "Mom! Dad! My teacher_____________, hates me." That is not realistically the best complaint, most common, yes, but realistic no. They need proof. But what about black mail? Hey! Hey!

Although usually that does not come to mind until you fail the grade or... get suspended.
Worse Detention! And no one will know.

And that is basically the truth.



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