Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am Forgotten

It is not the pain that you might be forgotten, but of being forgotten. Pears can handle you with less care then the ride luggage goes through before being collected on a plane. Should you take it personal? I do. In our society it seems to be that we have so many right and wrong paths, and we don't always make the right choice. So when it comes down to that choice, to either isolate yourself and not get hurt or put yourself out there and change yourself for them, it really sucks.
But then again you are pushed so far into depression that you loose hope of ever finding a person who excepts you for you. I hardly can feel anything but this, you should not change yourself entirely. That moment or year of being alone are not to last, but instead you should put effort in finding a group or person who you like and not just settling for a friend whom you are irritated by. That effort of opening up or trying a new (but good) thing might help your chance of finding that special group.

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  1. I agree totaly with the above... It is so hard to find someone who likes you for you, aspechialy if you live in smaller towns.... I am just glad that you and me are friends. You are one of the first persons that I can truely talk to, and be my self. Thank you. I love your new blog by the way!!! I did not know that they had that format.. I think I am going to put up a new blog link, (if you don't mind) I think it is going to be about my music and more of writings, that I mhyself have written.