Monday, December 28, 2009

Pretty Day At The Beach

Took these pictures of my day at the beach yesterday. It was really pretty and a great beach day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Movie Out

THis is just a little post for a new movie i found, its the story of John Lennon. Looks really good!!! Can't wait to see it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only in......

My family got a Email with this topic Only in.... and the pictures are pretty funny, Check them out.

You can find these things...

Only In Japan.........

Only In Hawaii......

Only In Texas.....

Only In India..........

Only In China........

And Only In Australia........


Monday, February 2, 2009

Upon Suprises~

(Continuing to, The Sea At Last)

Lizzy slowed down, finally feeling the weight of her gown. The wind took a rest from the sun, which was the horrid thing of her position. Her hair cheeks blushed Scarlett red, gathering her hair she began to brush it out with the tips of her fingers, while slowly following her hats trail. Taking her loose brown hair Lizzy braided most of it and left it undone. After a long moment of the dry air a gust of refreshing cold air blew in her direction. "Finally!" Lizzy exclaimed, then closing her eyes and taking as many deep breaths as she could her cheeks then returned eventually back to their natural colour and she pressed on. On the top of the hill she smiled looking down at her view. There stood Mr. Beretty of foot, he looked down at his catch, slowly examining at her hat. She walked sweetly down to meet him.
"I did not know sir, that you liked looking at hats. Or is it that you like wearing them." Lizzy teased. "Oh!" Mr. Beretty looked up, He smiled charmingly "Is this yours Miss. Elizabeth?" "Yes, and it has traveled a long way." Lizzy answered. The two started walking on. "I can see, although is doesn't look damaged at all." He replied. "Thank heavens, because it really is not mine. I am borrowing it from my mother." She gasped. "Well here." Mr. Beretty said giving it back into her custody. "Thank you sir." She said. "So i believe your family is good." he began.
"Yes very well."
"And your sister?"
"She is good, by the way she is down by the beach. Would you not join me? I think she would be happy to see you, herself!"
"That would be nice, but i am waiting for someone."
"Oh." Lizzy said, "Should i tell her that you said, Hi?"
Mr. Beretty looked down, "Well i suppose i could be a moment." He answered. Lizzy smiled and lead him to the shore. Everything had stayed the same as when she left, except for the fact that her younger sisters were now all somewhat wet, and on the grass laying beneath the sun to dry off. Lizzy brought him down to the picnic and to her adoring sister. "Rose!" Exclaimed Lizzy,
"Look what i have found or rather caught!" Mr. Beretty smiled, "It is good to see you Miss. Dunt." said he. "Yes." Rose replied with a glowing smile. "You look very well." Mr. Beretty said. He felt in his position the uncomfortableness of the want for intimacy. Lizzy also saw the unconventional dullness of speech, and took it as a hint to leave them. Excusing herself she made her way to her sisters. They were now looking at Rose and Mr. Beretty with an uncontrollable laugh that Cathy had began she suspected. Lizzy tried to control the matter, but only ended up in laughing too. Cathy's talent of the art of teasing was to much and her way to gain attention.
"If he would only ask her." Lizzy thought once the laughter died down.
Mr. Beretty was the right match; being wealthy, charming, sweet, and handsome. Everything that would fit the wants of Rose and her mother. Wealth was to be desired above all, Charm a nature that is dependent on a good breeding, Sweetness in a man shows his generosity and kindness, and Good looks if attainable would top off things sweetly and everyone would win. Lizzy did think that Mr. Beretty would make a good brother in-law and he supplied good conversation. Looking away form her sister she glanced out to the sea. The soft waves tossed restlessly, although it was not a picture of anxiety, but of stirring and timelessness. It was in the most simplest way to describe, beautiful.
(To Continue) Bostan~

Saturday, January 31, 2009


Potography Section.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sea At Last!

The party gathered, and once together they made it down to the shore a few minuets later. From the cottage it was measured a short walk. Lizzy looked in amazement, the fresh ocean air was cleansing, the sky shinned much brighter than the day before, and the water glistened much cleaner. She continued down the sandy floor and transferred to the pebble remains. Looking again up, the dark clouds of yesterday seemed far off and so were her worries. Cathy ran ahead, tracking a cloud of sand that left behind largely exaggerated foot prints in the sand that now sat undisturbed for the moment. The salt air was absolutely fantastic, and the cool wind picked up, which was her favorite part of the outing, when the cool breeze met up with the warm razes of the sun. Clear above in the blue sky, the breeze blew around the white blinding blotches as they knew not where to stay. Lizzy smiled, slipping off her shoes and running to catch the white water in the shallows. Watching down along the shore line, her young sisters played with the thought of being untouchable. Her time in Devonshire was a time she would remember forever. Walking back to the shoes that she left on a patch of grass, Lizzy slipped them back on and walked toward her sisters.

After the hour of playing on the beach, Lizzy's elder sister brought them together to enjoy the picnic lunch that Jenny had prepared early for the girls. Lizzy helped in setting up, she laid the old blanket on the grass and smoothed it down and unwrinkled the large fold in it.
"Everything looks perfect, well as perfect as it will get." Lizzy exclaimed. "I think it looks rather nice." Cathy added. The five girls were on a patch of grass near the edge of a stretch of knolls . Cathy took her seat quickly and rather clumsily, but Rose sat down, gathering her long hem gracefully and did it like she where sitting on a bubble, carefully and slowly done. The wind blew a bit stronger now and the girls had to tie there bonnets before they blew away. But then as it came unexpectantly for Lizzy, her bonnet flew from her side and rolled off into the hilly grass. Not very lady like she jumped up and ran after it. Rose got up to help, But Lizzy shouted for them not to wait up and she carried on through the field and from their views. Her dark brown hair also flew crazily every which way, but she did not care. Running now upon dusty path, she climbed a half steep dust road, but not fast enough to catch it before it disappeared beyond the curve in the path.

BOstan~ (TO Be Continued)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Two Wolves

This is a short story, and i think it has a good moral.
(Rewritten in words that i can remember)

There was once a very wise and very old Indian chief. He had many grandchildren and wanted to teach them all a lesson. Under a starry heaven, in a clear brisk sky, he gathered all of his many grandchildren around an excited Fire. Clearing his throat and silencing the lively children he began.
"So my grandchildren i have a lesson for you." He said, "Inside of me i have two wolves fighting."
At this the young children paused, but the silence was broken by the eldest grandson.
"What do you mean grandfather?" He exclaimed. "Good, know let me finish my story." The Chief replied, " There is the bad wolf who is everything bad, violence, hatred, and war. And there is the good wolf that is everything good, love, peace, joy, and long suffering. The two wolfs keep fighting a war."
Everyone kept silent, nothing was heard for a minute, except for the flames that where devouring the logs, and the rustling of the wind that keeps chasing the grass. Then the youngest and smallest grandson spoke up; "Grandfather who will win?"
"Well that is a good question." The Chief replied and answered, " The wolf that you feed, that is the one that will win."

(This story has a good moral, saying that if you feed the bad wolf per say, it will win, meaning your anger and hatred will be unmistakeably uncontrollable. But if you persist in feeding the good wolf with love and peace, your love and peace will win.)


TO Live Forever?

Here is a short story, It was used as an illustration and i think it is interesting.

Mr. Erin Lock was a very rich man, he had houses all over the world and boats to match. He practically could get away with everything and get everything that he wanted, or if not he could always make returns. His wife didn't even have to ask to get the present she wanted for her anniversary, because she could buy it herself. But the one thing Erin Lock couldn't get and this was a real strain, he wanted to live forever. The years were not kind to him and the doctors bills kept mounting up. Even though he wasn't as ancient as a dinosaur, he knew he wasn't getting any younger. Erin traveled the world in search for the solution, but each specialist, doctor, and etc. could not give him a lasting cure. And this was his last stop, last chance.

He goes to a special Doctor (scientist), who was known world wide for his fascinating discovery's. While in his office, Erin begins telling the doctor why he is here, "Doctor Banks you are my last hope, can you help me to live forever?"

The doctor paused to think.
"I can pay for your inconvenience." Erin Lock exclaimed.
"Yes, I can help you in your dilemma." The doctor then says.
"Really!" Erin Lock shouts. Finally happy to hear some good news.
"Now Mr. Lock follow me." Doctor Banks said leading him into his lavatory.

Doctor Banks Lavatory was the finest in the country, it had the latest data and research on various subjects of science. On the far end of the room there was a long counter with thousands of vases, glasses filled with strange juices, salts, herbs, weird bug looking things, and gasses. The room in fact had a smell of strange spices and herbs, and together mixed with a smell of a special clean sanitary hospital. The Doctor ran excitedly over to the counter and started mixing a strange concoction. In one glass tube he poured a few green leaves and a dark grey smoke lifted up into the air as the leaves colour faded into a moldy white. Then after a few things being mixed separately, Doctor Banks dumped all the separate liquids and powders into a single glass. Measuring it the doctor brought half of the douse in a triangle bottle to Mr. Lock.

The Gross liquid had turned a dark green and brown colour, but of course it wasn't hard to do that in the first place. "Here, drink this." The Doctor offering his concoction to his patient. The man notices that the smell is awful, looking at it with a high spirit of hopefulness, he holds his nose with one hand and with the other tips the glass, pouring the liquid into his mouth. Much to his surprise it tastes worse than it smells or looks. For a second he feels dizzy, for a second his tongue goes numb, and then....he faints...and topples over unconscious.

The Doctor is standing over him shaking his arms for him to awake when he comes to. Slowly Erin sits up, holding his head, cradling it like a little baby.
"What was thatt! Doctor it tasted horrible." Erin Lock complained. "Yes.. Yes i know." Doctor Banks answers. And that was beyond what they make you eat on fear factor.
"Now i want you to take it once a day." Doctor Banks subscribed. "What!" Erin Exclaimed, "You mean that is gonna give me everlasting life?"
"No.. That will just take the desire away." The Doctor laughs.

(This story is just a illustration, And like Erin Lock many are taking that Concoction, but it comes in different ways.)


*Names are changed and it is not
word for word.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dreams That Don't Come True

Is it wrong to wish for long beautiful hair?

Is it wrong to wish for sparkly eyes under a dazzling sky?

Must we make due, for dreams that don't come true?

Is it ok to like a talent that you just can't have?

Is it shameful and a disgrace? Is it vain that produces such

things? Much of it comes as unwelcome guests, the dreams

that don't come true.

Farewell to these things, lies and unsuccessful tries.

These questions are only dreams and i suppose that dreams

don't come true; although few, well lets say they do.

BOstan Natsuko~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parents and all the other Role Models out their

-Parents; there not all bad, believe me. It is just that they all have the same motive, and one way or another they all have used the guilt trick or dare i say trap- which sounds better?

It is either, they do something wrong and turn it around on us or we do the wrong and they make us feel the guilt. It is brilliant! And it Works! Well for the most of us anyways. I am not saying it always works for me, but it is a good scheme. We should use it more often in fact.

But wait! It never works for us. If you remember the steps; One, something happens, (most likely bad.) Two, The talk. Three, We try to use there "Thing" or in other words The Guilt.
Four, They turn it back around, stopping us before it works. And Five, The discipline, or so they call grounding in less horrifying ways.
So what now? Do we have a special way also? Let alone, are we capable, as they refer to using it? I guess we will have to wait. For the time being we have our options, Don't do anything wrong, or, Don't get caught. The second is less probable, but Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do. Right? Maybe-

I am just going through things i know, but teachers are they not like the day time parents? So do they get at least a bit of credit for our wonderful abilities? (If we have any at least)
NO- It is more likely that they get in trouble, and pass over the blame to the Real parents.

But teachers are like parents too... Parents? Really?
Now that makes less sense than when we started.

OK, There are the types of teachers. (sometimes this can relate to parents.) There are teachers who hate, love or the other, A, B,and C.

-Teacher A, are ones who love, and i mean ardor you. They are loving , and are the kind where
they are always trying to help. They encourage you to go out there and be the best, the best that you can be. (Even though not always to the right person) But in rare cases the Meanie turns out to be the most caring.

-Teacher B, Is the tolerant. They either need the job or are so caught up in the job that they
just blankly tolerate you, everything you may do, and the best that they can, with the slight chance of forgetting your name.

-Teacher C. How can i say this? They are most simply out to get you. Forget the reasonable explanations, they just hate your guts, and every other part of your body. Parents and principles and who ever else might think differently by saying, "There must be a reason, you must be a bad student." (Back on us again) or "Your just over exaggerating, let it go. Your teacher is fine, you must be the problem." Harsh, but the teacher loves it.

You see the problem is this: "Mom! Dad! My teacher_____________, hates me." That is not realistically the best complaint, most common, yes, but realistic no. They need proof. But what about black mail? Hey! Hey!

Although usually that does not come to mind until you fail the grade or... get suspended.
Worse Detention! And no one will know.

And that is basically the truth.



I am Forgotten

It is not the pain that you might be forgotten, but of being forgotten. Pears can handle you with less care then the ride luggage goes through before being collected on a plane. Should you take it personal? I do. In our society it seems to be that we have so many right and wrong paths, and we don't always make the right choice. So when it comes down to that choice, to either isolate yourself and not get hurt or put yourself out there and change yourself for them, it really sucks.
But then again you are pushed so far into depression that you loose hope of ever finding a person who excepts you for you. I hardly can feel anything but this, you should not change yourself entirely. That moment or year of being alone are not to last, but instead you should put effort in finding a group or person who you like and not just settling for a friend whom you are irritated by. That effort of opening up or trying a new (but good) thing might help your chance of finding that special group.

Free Expressions

"HELLO I am BOstan,

In this Blog i have put my favorite things that interest me, from the old English culture to modern modifications. "What is greater than the influence of words?"

I can be very determined in my writing's so beware, oh yea i can be sarcastic, but i will try not to be so strong in that way. So thank you to my readers"