Monday, February 2, 2009

Upon Suprises~

(Continuing to, The Sea At Last)

Lizzy slowed down, finally feeling the weight of her gown. The wind took a rest from the sun, which was the horrid thing of her position. Her hair cheeks blushed Scarlett red, gathering her hair she began to brush it out with the tips of her fingers, while slowly following her hats trail. Taking her loose brown hair Lizzy braided most of it and left it undone. After a long moment of the dry air a gust of refreshing cold air blew in her direction. "Finally!" Lizzy exclaimed, then closing her eyes and taking as many deep breaths as she could her cheeks then returned eventually back to their natural colour and she pressed on. On the top of the hill she smiled looking down at her view. There stood Mr. Beretty of foot, he looked down at his catch, slowly examining at her hat. She walked sweetly down to meet him.
"I did not know sir, that you liked looking at hats. Or is it that you like wearing them." Lizzy teased. "Oh!" Mr. Beretty looked up, He smiled charmingly "Is this yours Miss. Elizabeth?" "Yes, and it has traveled a long way." Lizzy answered. The two started walking on. "I can see, although is doesn't look damaged at all." He replied. "Thank heavens, because it really is not mine. I am borrowing it from my mother." She gasped. "Well here." Mr. Beretty said giving it back into her custody. "Thank you sir." She said. "So i believe your family is good." he began.
"Yes very well."
"And your sister?"
"She is good, by the way she is down by the beach. Would you not join me? I think she would be happy to see you, herself!"
"That would be nice, but i am waiting for someone."
"Oh." Lizzy said, "Should i tell her that you said, Hi?"
Mr. Beretty looked down, "Well i suppose i could be a moment." He answered. Lizzy smiled and lead him to the shore. Everything had stayed the same as when she left, except for the fact that her younger sisters were now all somewhat wet, and on the grass laying beneath the sun to dry off. Lizzy brought him down to the picnic and to her adoring sister. "Rose!" Exclaimed Lizzy,
"Look what i have found or rather caught!" Mr. Beretty smiled, "It is good to see you Miss. Dunt." said he. "Yes." Rose replied with a glowing smile. "You look very well." Mr. Beretty said. He felt in his position the uncomfortableness of the want for intimacy. Lizzy also saw the unconventional dullness of speech, and took it as a hint to leave them. Excusing herself she made her way to her sisters. They were now looking at Rose and Mr. Beretty with an uncontrollable laugh that Cathy had began she suspected. Lizzy tried to control the matter, but only ended up in laughing too. Cathy's talent of the art of teasing was to much and her way to gain attention.
"If he would only ask her." Lizzy thought once the laughter died down.
Mr. Beretty was the right match; being wealthy, charming, sweet, and handsome. Everything that would fit the wants of Rose and her mother. Wealth was to be desired above all, Charm a nature that is dependent on a good breeding, Sweetness in a man shows his generosity and kindness, and Good looks if attainable would top off things sweetly and everyone would win. Lizzy did think that Mr. Beretty would make a good brother in-law and he supplied good conversation. Looking away form her sister she glanced out to the sea. The soft waves tossed restlessly, although it was not a picture of anxiety, but of stirring and timelessness. It was in the most simplest way to describe, beautiful.
(To Continue) Bostan~